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I have been a professional illustrator for the last 18 years, I can draw your family and loved ones as you may wish .
For your own entertainment , as a present , for a birthday celebration or a special occasion , as a nice memory , a declaration of love or just for the fun of it !

Here is how it all works:

- Select the number of people you want to appear on the drawing

- Select the drawing size sheet

Special request:

- Adding a pet

- Adding a specific set up ( i.e.: specific interior design)

- Adding a special quote

- Other

Please send me your request at mademoiselle [!at] and I will be happy to send you a quote .

Order procedure:

- As soon as I have received your order, I will give you a delivery date. The date will depend on the current amount of orders , however it will not exceed a month.

- When the order is confirmed , I'll start to work on it and will send you a drawing draft that you will be able to adjust/change only twice ( included in the price) any added changes will be at an extra cost.

- Once the drawing draft will be accepted, I will add the colors . No modifications or changes can be added to the drawing once the colors have been put in.

- Finally , I will send you the finished drawing printed in on glazed paper in a cardboard postage enveloppe.

If you have any questions, please do nor hesitate to send a email at  =>

Hope to hear from you soon,
Kind regards